Monday, March 13, 2006 

InterTech USA deploys a network architecture designed to offer up to 99.999+% high-availability, ease of use, and security that approaches military standards. This means that any device or service connecting to our system will experience faster, more secure, highly reliable and predictable connections.

There are no single points of failure from our data center to the Internet backbone. For every core router, switch, IDS sensor, and firewall there is another device actively participating in the network load and processing. This architecture compliments our main multi-homed circuits to the Internet backbone, which are also actively fault-tolerant and load-balanced.

"Availability and security to the extreme"

Redundant firewalls with multiple demilitarized zones add substantial protection to the network itself by allowing us to customize and segregate different functions within different zones, which increase reliability and security. InterCORE also provides substantial monitoring, logging, and diagnostic tools, including pro-active network intrusion detection systems (IDS) that identify and automatically terminate attacks and viruses on the network before any damage can occur.

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