Monday, March 13, 2006 

We believe that controlling the network is an absolute necessity, in order to deliver the performance and reliability that our managed customers require. By controlling the network, we can negotiate, implement, and manage the relationships that are essential for high performance. By controlling the network, we can route around the bottlenecks and temporary failures that threaten reliability and that are ultimately a part of daily life in the "shared environment" of the Internet. By controlling the network, we can ensure that there is always enough bandwidth to meet our customer's demands, especially when their demand peaks. We believe the only way to control the network is to own it, along with all the services that our clients demand.

Most networks are built to support consumers and consumer-required content. When using this method, profitability is often based on over-subscribing the network by selling services to more customers than actual available capacity will realistically support. The result is that during peak use, many subscribers will experience mediocre performance. Today the underlying business model remains over-subscribed for many providers.

At InterTech USA, instead of over-subscribing, we over-provision. Our customers require massive scalability on a moment's notice to meet unanticipated demand. We over-build our backbone and our peering to ensure that we always have standby capacity for our customers.

A high-performance network must also be a highly secure network. It really make no difference if the network is fast and well-managed if it is not also secure. Our focus and mission is therefore providing a network that exceeds performance expectations, but also is as secure as possible.

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