Monday, March 13, 2006 

Creating an online presence does not unfold without a strategic process. In order for InterTech USA to help you reach your goals, you first must challenge us with a vision of your wants and needs. This takes some careful pre-planning and organizational skills on your part. Just as you expect knowledgeable interaction from us, we expect the same from you.

We will be able to work more efficiently for you if you engage us with a prepared, well thought out plan of how you want that vision of an online presence to portray your business, your professional character, as well as the benefits you hope to gain for yourself and your customers.

The vision of your online presence must also be unique and creative, in that it portrays individual style, context, and business incentives.

Challenge us with your vision and engage us with a plan, so that we may partner with you to develop that vision into a successful, fulfilling online presence that will help you reach the top of your business class, and stand out among the competition.

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