Monday, March 13, 2006 

Since 1985, InterTech USA has been providing custom, integrated software, networking solutions, as well as security and consulting services to clients nationwide. Our biggest challenge was to bridge the many islands of information created during the early years of desktop computing. Our clients realized that off-the-shelf, single-purpose software made the individual more productive, but offered limited accessibility and portability when the enterprise as a whole was concerned. Our solution was to create custom, integrated, stand-alone applications for our clients.

In 1989, realizing that much of the programming required from client to client was similar for many functions, InterTech USA began compiling libraries of proven code, designed to be reusable from application to application. Over the years these libraries, called InterSource and InterFace, have been invaluable to our clients, in that the cost of development has decreased while the reliability and overall performance has increased, thereby eliminating much of the risk and hassles involved in custom software development.

In 1990, InterTech USA began developing software that was platform-independent so that a single software development effort could easily be compiled to operate on Windows and Macintosh platforms. The primary advantage was that many companies used the Macintosh for creative work and Windows for business productivity. For the first time, these same companies could use the same software on both platforms without the costs associated with developing and paying for two applications. In addition, companies only had to maintain one set of records or one database, ultimately connecting the islands of information created in previous years.

In 1992, while continuing to respond to our clients' needs, InterTech USA leveraged its existing expertise and infrastructure by extending services to include Internet access, online database publishing, and design services. It was a natural extension in that InterTech had already developed portable code libraries and delivery systems that could easily be adapted to the Internet. In addition, our collective experiences in sharing information meant that we did not have to learn a new technology at the expense of our clients.

In 1994, InterTech USA elected to develop its own worldwide web server software, designed to operate in a cross-platform environment. Using commercial off-the-shelf server software did not meet the needs of our clients, in that the dynamic nature of the Internet requires up-to-date content. We added other features as well, such as interactive site visitor reporting and the ability for our clients to easily maintain their own web site right over the Internet at no additional charge.

Today our system includes a 100% CISCO network designed to be fully fault-tolerant with redundancy built in at each and every step. None of our Internet services are sub-contracted and all of our work is performed in-house. Collectively, our Internet web sites log over one million visitors per month. Most importantly, our clients do quite well on the Internet, selling their products, services, and delivering their corporate messages worldwide.

The future looks as promising as our past has demonstrated. InterTech continues to offer quality over quantity, while at the same time striving to develop innovative ways to help our clients help themselves. Our focus is the same today as it was two decades ago--to provide successful results for our clients' businesses in the midst of an ever-changing world of advancing technology.

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