Monday, March 13, 2006 

Vision Statement

InterTech USA was founded in 1985 with one driving vision that we continue to strive for today. It is the vision that systems anywhere on the planet can work cooperatively and not the other way around, where technology does not simply bridge all the islands of information, but securely integrates that information. We are focused on taking our clients into the Internet era and providing them with excellent solutions that enable them to reach new levels within their business field.

Mission Statement

InterTech USA strives to be the preferred provider of custom services to satisfy an organization's information needs that cannot otherwise be solved internally. These services include consulting, mentoring, managing, teaching, designing, engineering, deploying, developing, and supporting business needs for the entire life-cycle. Our company is appealing to customers because we have a reputation for providing guaranteed, high-quality, cost-effective, customer-responsive support and service. We will maintain our competitive edge by hiring competent people who are trained and educated in using top-of-the-line technology to solve difficult problems for our clients so that they can reach the top of their business-class.

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