Monday, March 13, 2006 

Learning from performance trends and building strategies based on known system utilization is key to continuously improving your Internet operations. InterTech USA's managed services provide you with the latest monitoring and reporting tools for proactive systems management. With these tools, you can leverage InterTech USA's experience without having to develop your own monitoring solutions. Our managed monitoring and reporting systems offer the following:

Bandwidth reporting
Historical performance trend reporting
URL monitoring and events log
System administration
Dedicated support personal

Using standard http protocols, InterTech USA's URL monitoring service tracks a specific URL on the customer web site in three-minute intervals, allowing both InterTech USA and the customer to be constantly aware of web server status. Our monitoring services feature the following:

Web server status verification monitoring every three minutes
Escalation to response technician in the event of a downed server
Prompt customer notification of server failure

InterTech USA administrators will notify customers of any critical conditions that occur during the event management process.

If you would like additional information on InterTech USA services, please call us at 1-800-291-6517 or contact us using the online request form.

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