Monday, March 13, 2006 

Shared hosting is a popular solution among businesses that need to develop an online presence. By outsourcing to InterTech USA, a business can concentrate on its operations without having to manage its web site.

Shared web hosting is not only popular in establishing your online business, but it is also cost-effective. However, when many businesses outsource to a provider offering only a single shared web server, it becomes somewhat of a crowded house. At any given point in time, there is commonly one or two sites that receive more traffic than others on a shared server, where that "more popular" web site uses more bandwidth than other sites. This dilemma results in unequal bandwidth availability among the many web sites hosted on the same shared server. Ultimately, this leads to traffic loss and diminishes productivity for those other sites.

At InterTech USA, we offer web servers that feature "limited shared hosting." These web servers only allow a limited number of sites to each server in order to control and monitor the bandwidth used by each site, so that each receives equal amounts of bandwidth, ensuring healthy volumes of traffic and productivity.

Behind our limited shared hosting systems lies our state-of-the-art InterCORE network and high quality equipment that includes Hewlett-Packard and Compaq servers. This top-of-the-line equipment puts us ahead of the competition and enables us to offer additional value to our clients by guaranteeing bandwidth and processor availability, as well as scalability. We guarantee 100% up-time, ensuring that your site receives the bandwidth you're paying for and your site visitors have a rewarding online experience.

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